More Sales at Lower costs

Our clients’ long-lasting successes are documented in detail. Below are samples of verifiable results over the last two years, 2018 and 2019. We have delivered increased results for the same or less marketing budget.

Saunders Landscaping


Total sales +29%

E-Commerce Sales +121%

PPC E-Commerce Sales +109%

Organic Sales (SEO) +86%

How did we do it?

Google Organic Gains
Search engine optimization

Reach +950%
Traffic +387%
Sales +44%

Google Local Gains
Google my business optimization

Reach +317%
Traffic +572%
Sales +729%

We have created sales in less expensive ways. Organic (SEO) sales have a lower cost per sale. We increased organic sales from 36% to 52% of total sales.

E-commerce sales have a lower cost of sale (less admin). We increased e-commerce sales from 33% ro 56% of total sales. We lowered the cost of PPC sale by 48%. We spent 17% less for PPC E-commerce.

“The new website set a new sales record for our e-commerce which is the most important aspect of our business.”

Don Saunders

2018 Digital Marketing




Organic Traffic

“We’ve worked with Home and Garden on print, website, seo, and social media for over 20 years. They are easy to work with, insightful, and forward thinking.”
Matt Johnson

Client Returns

Landscape Supply

Saunders Landscape Supply had been a longtime client. Nothing lasts forever, and they left for greener pastures that turned out to be not so green. They returned in Fall ‘16 with crashing lead generation. We immediately discovered the problem, the cure and went right to work.

We boosted their undeservingly sagging Google review rating and SEO to return lead generation to normal in the next quarter (Q-1,’17) and greatly increased their bottom-line a year later.

2018 Digital Marketing





“I am extremely pleased with the progress of the online reviews obtained for Saunders Landscape Supply.”
Don Saunders

New E-Commerce Selling Machine

We converted the Saunders website into our new Best Seller design and re-engineered their e-commerce platform into a selling machine. Our continued management of their Google organic searches combined with their new website to drive up e-commerce, saving them time and money.

2018 E-Commerce Results


E-Commerce Revenue

“The new website set new sales record for our e commerce which is the most important aspect of our business.”
Don Saunders

National Fence Sales

A New E-Commerce website selling fences across the nation.
E-Commerce sales rose 72% with our new SEO system.

Google Organic Increase


organic traffic


Organic Impressions

Organic visitors per quarter

Local Fence Sales

2018 Digital Results




organic traffic

“Our company Website and Social Media presence is better than ever. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Customer service is superb!”
Liz East

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Kohler Brafford