The most important thing in landscape marketing is golf?

Landscape marketing has changed a lot since the old days. On my first sales call representing a radio station to the biggest advertising agency in Washington D.C., the owner put his arm around me and said: ”Boy, the most important thing in golf is follow-through and the most important thing in advertising is golf.” 

What he was saying is that it’s all about relationships and those were best made on the links. That was great for me because I belonged to the best country club in town and was the worst golfer in it. I played, my best client always won, and the money kept rolling in.

Landscape marketing has evolved

Those days are long over for a lot of good reasons. Nobody has time to spend three or four hours on a golf course for business. The corporations generally won’t tolerate it, and the pace of life won’t allow it. Landscape advertising was based on estimates and hopes and campaigns and ideas. On the internet, it’s all based on metrics. There’s no more guessing. We know.

So it’s not about relationships so much anymore. You still want to do business with people you like, but you don’t have to spend 4 hours in the hot sun with them anymore. Old media was about guessing. New media is about metrics.

>We can track everything, and everything needs to be tracked. Traffic sources, call tracking, conversion funnels, we analyze analyze analyze and most importantly, we report in a manner that everyone can understand.

Many people in the digital world have tools for tracking the information. They then give the client access. The client often doesn’t know how to navigate through the software to get to the important points of all the data. It’s sort of like watching the weatherperson on television wave their arms around a weather map talking about high- and low-pressure systems when all you really want to know is what the temperature and humidity going to be, and is it going to rain, and if it does, do I bring a golf umbrella or a light raincoat.

So what we do when we go over data is we give the takeaways but have all the supporting data organized for our clients. You should only work with a company that makes things easy for you.

But the bottom line is: Only play golf if you like it and only with the people you want to play with.