There are two kinds of landscaping websites: sellers and tellers.

The seller generates leads, appointments, and sales. The teller is free consultation and a waste of time money and effort.

Landscaping websites that are tellers are just a data dump. They’re just collections of information put in a place where graphic designers think they ought to be. That’s entirely incorrect.

Landscaping Websites that Guide Sales

A website is all about navigation. It should help people to find what they want to find and also to find what you want them to find. Things need to be in an order that is conducive to helping people find that information as quickly as possible so the structure is important.

But the difference between a telling and a selling website is a selling website adheres to a formula for the sales process. Before the internet, you used to qualify prospects to see if there was a match there between your services and their needs. With the internet, that is now reversed. Your prospects look at your website and qualify themselves. So you need to be so everything on your website needs to be written with that consideration in mind.

The Buy or Die Rule of Landscaping Websites

You want your landscaping website to get a “yes” or a “no” whenever possible. And there’s a reason for that. Let’s discuss the “no” for a minute.

You don’t want to waste your time speaking to people who are no match for you. You spent time and money and effort to get them to call you only to have to spend more time to find out that you aren’t a match. Then you spend time disappointing them. Worse still — if you don’t do that qualification on the phone and you end up on a sales call. Then you spend travel time and face time that does not lead to a sale. You could be spending on a better Prospect.

Time is a critical, critical issue when it’s landscaping season. You can all easily have more leads than you can respond to. That means you can’t waste time on the phone or especially in-person with a lead that’s not a good prospect.

Landscaping Websites that Build Trust

When you have a good prospect, you need to do everything important to the sales process. The most important element is trust. Today is done with Google reviews, the most important trust metric a business has.

Then you need to make sure that you are encouraging people to look at the parts of your website that will meet their needs and create realistic expectations and give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Don’t forget to ask for the order. On a website, that’s called a CTA or call to action. Everything online should be leading prospects to be customers and suspects to be gone. Anything else is a time waster and lead killer.

Does your website build trust or leave people in doubt?