We’ve put together a special offer for a suite of services designed just for mold and moisture professionals.

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Like street signs or billboards in real life, your online reviews ensure that prospects who search for your services online get an accurate view of what your business is all about. With our essential plan, we provide your business with a strong online presence and the ability to stand out in local search.

For NORMI members, we’ve put together a special offer for a suite of services designed just for mold and moisture professionals. This system combines proven methods that protect your referrals, which are the best leads you’ll ever have.


Review Monitoring & Reputation Management

Reviews are key to hanging on to people who hear good things about you in real life. 

No matter what they heard about you, they will Google you. Even if they are just looking for your phone number. They will see your star rating, and what they see plays as big a role as your word of mouth, if not bigger. 

These are your best leads. They’re presold by someone they trust and eager to buy. You can’t afford to lose them because some crazy person left a nitpicky review 2 years ago. Or because you look like a new company with only 3 reviews.

The quality of your Google reviews, as well as their quantity, is one of the biggest ranking factors for the Map. Business listings that include customer reviews are more credible and get more clicks

With this plan, we are able to help you generate authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers, which can help you stand out in today’s new search experiences. We monitor and respond to reviews across the search engines, uncovering new opportunities to improve your operations and win more business. We help you establish and execute an effective strategy for encouraging more customer reviews to greatly benefit your business, especially as part of an overall strategy.

Directory Listings

Amazon Alexa. Apple Maps. Facebook. Bing. Yahoo. Yelp. Yellow Pages. White Pages. Dozens more. The internet is full of listings for businesses, most of them unused by your prospects.

However, there is one extremely important user of these listings: Google. 

Google constantly patrols these listings, cross-checking them against one another and its own database to ensure the information it presents is correct.

If you want to show up on the Google Map (and you do), you need ALL these directories to have the same, accurate information. The more Google sees agreement across directories, the more confident it is in your Google listing. That means it shows you on the map more, and it shows your Google My Business page more.


Google My Business page Management

Your GMB page is a vital listing in local search.

Your GMB page appears in search results when Google is sure someone is look for you specifically. It intercepts traffic from your website by providing information people search for like your address, phone number and directions. Google My Business pages offer a wealth of opportunity for engaging with clients. You can even add coupons and special offers. 

If you don’t cultivate a strong Google My Business page, all the marketing page, all the marketing effort you spent getting people to search for you is wasted.

Managing your GMB page can be a painful, confusing, time-consuming process, but with this plan, we can make updates directly for you and publish them to Google in real-time.

Google PPC

Google Ads (formerly Adwords) generates leads right away. These are the first results people see.

41% of clicks originate from Google Ads making it impossible to ignore as a marketing channel. You dismiss Google Ads at your business’ peril.

We discover your optimum service mixture and build a marketing plan that laser focuses on your best keyword options. Google Ads can make your phone ring within hours.


The Google Map is a great lead generator because it is is the most prominent organic result. It splashes across the top of the search page.

Google crosschecks hundreds of directories to assure its map results are accurate. The best way to land your business on the map is to constantly monitor and shepard those listings. By doing so, we increase our clients ranking in the Google Map that increases their traffic to their website.

We also incorporate keywords into your reviews and responses as well as posting relevant photos and questions to your Google My Business page, so that you rank higher on the Map, one of the most visible parts of the search results page.


Google Local Services

Grab a piece of the best real estate on Google: the Google Local Services ads.

Google Local Services ads give you top billing on Google searches for your services. They also allow you to get the Google Guarantee, a $2,000 warranty on your work that Google offers once you clear a few minor hurdles. 

Best of all, you get Google’s green checkmark. It’s a seal of approval that makes you stand out from your competition and lets prospects know they can trust you with their homes.


website consultation meeting

Expert Consultations

The moment you become a client of ours you will be provided an account manager & expert to help you navigate the services this plan provides. We are always available to answer questions and make changes as you need.

Below are a list of the services you will have access to:

  1. Google Audit (Google My Business, Google Ads, Google Map)
  2. Website Consultation
  3. Onboarding/Training
  4. Quarterly Reports

The Essentials Package gives you:

The ability to manage, navigate, and control your digital presence (local search, maps, etc)
Elevated online presence
Improved customer feedback (reviews)
A centralized system to control your digital footprint

Greater visibility for your Google ads

Account manager and digital marketing expert to run your account

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