Case Study: Saunders Landscaping

The Sales Slump

Three years ago, Don Saunders was in a tough spot. He had partnered with Cave Web Works to build his website but left for a few years to let a relative handle his digital presence. But the phone wasn’t ringing and his e-commerce landscape supply website wasn’t selling like it used to.

One phone call

Don, an independent business owner for decades, was driving Uber on the weekends. Worse still, he couldn’t afford repairs on his beloved boat, the Jolly Mon.

He called his former partners at Cave Web Works for help, and we started a program that turned things around.

Our programs targeted his:

Google Local results
Organic search results
e-commerce sales
PPC campaigns

1. The google local puzzle

Saunders Landscape Supply had slipped to 3.5-stars on Google Reviews. Third-party testimonials on Google make one of the biggest impacts for local businesses, especially for e-commerce companies. If consumers respond to marketing or personal referrals and search for a business by name, they see Google Reviews.

A review solicitation program is essential for any firm. Our review program boosts the raw number of reviews by soliciting any customer a client has for a review. The vast majority of your customers are happy. But if you don’t ask them for reviews, you give the microphone to the few who aren’t happy.

Within a few months, we had Saunders Landscape Supply back over 4 stars, and the phone started to ring again. Today, his 4 locations have more than 550 reviews averaging 4.8-stars.

If you get the essentials for digital marketing right, you will be found on the Google Map and generate more sales from your Google My Business pages. We ensure this by managing your information across 70+ directories that Google looks at when it determines if it’s going to rank a business or not. Google can’t differentiate between inconsistent and inaccurate, so all this must line up. The reward is higher Google Local ranking, thus more views.
We aren’t satisfied with just ranking. We present our clients’ offers and brand messages right at the point of awareness on their Google My Business page. Prospects call from the Google My Business page or click to the website.

2. Organic Search & E-Commerce Sales

With the bleeding stopped, we turned our attention to optimizing the website itself. It’s great to get people to trust your brand name, but it’s quite another to get them to call and convert into a sale.

The first step is showing up in non-branded searches for landscape products. It’s great to show up for “Saunders Landscape Supply” searches, but you really want to show up when people who have never heard of you search for “buying mulch.”

The next step was to beef up the content. Content makes Cave Web Works sites run. Google loves to see a website with unique, informative content. Maybe even more importantly, it’s a differentiation point between Saunders and its competitors. No one else will write 1,500 words about mulch or blog about landscape supplies. As a result, Saunders ranks tops on critical keywords that drive its business.

With rankings on the rise, we needed the website to sell, sell, sell when visitors got to it. Optimizations on the new site included an easy-to-use navigation, product-first hierarchy, and a scrolling home page that appeals to more analytical buyers. Improved visibility on phone numbers and calls to action push visitors to convert from the first second they’re on the website.
As a result of the new website, its higher rankings, and a focus on sales, Saunders’ e-commerce sales captured more sales, increasing 89% over the next two years.

3. PPC campaigns

For years, Saunders Landscape Supply had used Google Ads campaigns to generate leads. With the success of the new website, the team decided to turn the PPC (Pay per click) campaigns over to Cave Web Works. We optimized Google Ads to sales. The previous PPC manager had optimized to non-sales targets, like traffic and impressions. Sales are better!

The new website enabled us to pursue a Google Ad avenue that had previously been closed: Google Shopping Ads. Google Shopping Ads allow e-commerce websites to display their products and prices right on the search page and compete on what amounts to a virtual shelf. The turn toward Google Shopping ads boosted sales while driving down ad spending, the goal of any PPC company.

With his digital essentials taken care of, his new website, and his high-performing Google Ads campaign, Don quit driving Uber and even got the repairs the Jolly Mon needed to get back on the water. Within 2 years of re-signing with Cave Web Works, his biggest supplier bought him out, ensuring his retirement!

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