Your Success is our Business

We have decades of success for our stable of clients. We’re now looking to help contractors in your market.

Everything we’d do for you has already worked for our clients. Every decision is driven by data.

The 3 prime locations on a Google Search page are:
Google Local - Google Organic - Google AdWords

We make all of the Google search page work for you to reach more prospects and create more leads for less.

The Essential Plan

The Essential Plan

Google Map - Google Reviews

The Google Map is near the top of the page and one of the first things people see. It only has three listings and displays well.

When Google Local is well-managed, you’ll reach more prospects like our clients.

165% More Reach - Surrounds Landscapes
147% More Reach - Saunders Landscape Supply

184% More Reach - Long Fence
244% More Reach - Beitzell Fence

Good Google reviews help rank you on the map and help prospects trust you.

The first thing prospects will see are your Google Reviews because they prominently display on the Google Map underneath your name.

Reviews are #1 Priority for Consumers

Reviews are #1 Priority for Consumers

We’ve boosted our clients’ Google Reviews

4.8 from 3.5 Stars - Saunders Landscape
4.7 from 3.5 Stars - Johnson’s Landscape
5.0 from 0 Stars - Surrounds Landscape

Cost Per Lead Consultation

Cost Per Lead Consultation

A member of our leadership team will analyze your marketing budget and find room for improvement. With a call tracking system, we can determine how you can get more bang for your marketing buck. We provide the tools and the expertise to make sense of your marketing metrics -- the most important of which is your cost per lead.

What we do:

We manage your Google Local to reach more prospects. This includes setup and management of your digital directory listings and your Google My Business page.

We manage your Google Reviews to increase your average star rating. Consumers have to see you and trust you to come into your website.

We provide analytical tools and consult with you on the results.

The Essentials Plan will prevent reviews from putting a business out of business. The Essentials Plan will help Google Local find a website so prospects can find it. The Essential Plan will help a business survive online.

The Conversion Plan

Google AdWords (PPC) & Google Organic (SEO)

We create more leads for less cost per lead in search using both Google Organic and Google AdWords. They work better together than either alone.

Our system works and keeps working. Our clients have been with us for years. Long Fence 4+, Saunders 9+, Beitzell 10+, Johnsons 20+ years.

Our Google AdWords management gets you on the first page right away. Our Google Organic optimization takes longer but creates even better leads. We focus both programs on conversion, not just clicks and reach

See these results we get for our clients and can get for you. Our past performance is an indicator of future results.

Conversion Results

Long Fence - 22% more leads, 11% less cost per lead
Beitzell Fence - 106% more leads, 42% less cost per lead
Johnson’s Landscaping - 84% more leads, 38% less cost per lead
Chapel Valley Landscaping - 27% more leads, 20% less cost per lead

What We Do

We manage the Google AdWords spend and optimize the Google Organic search. Our goals are to increase your leads (aka conversions) and minimize your cost per lead. We adjust the deliverables to the changing Google algorithm.