SEO - Why Us

Why Us … Results!

Our past performance is the best indicator of future success. These results are current year-to-year comparisons of organic traffic for 4 landscaping contractors in competitive markets from long term SEO and the creation of new responsive websites. The Home Improvement category is intensely competitive for online SEO.
SEO - Publish or Perish

Publish or Perish! … Content Creation and Syndication

You used to buy advertisements in between editorial content created and syndicated by publishers who could reach your target audience. In order to get highly ranked on the search engine, Google now wants YOU to be your own online publisher of great content. What’s more, Google wants you to syndicate on other websites and social media.

SEO - Publisher

Who better to be your publisher than a publisher?

If you don’t publish and syndicate, your ranking in search will perish from the Internet. Well, you do what you do well so you best off to let someone else be your publisher and content syndicator.

We have continuously obtained superior SEO results for our clients because we focused on the on-page & off-page content creation and syndication. We did this because it was what Google demanded as the “white Hat” method to get higher rankings without gimmicks that could penalize our clients. Google wants each business to create and syndicate content as if they are their own publisher. We are the publisher for our clients. It was a natural progression of our publishing skills from Washington Home & Garden magazine as well as our advertising expertise in magazine, direct mail and broadcasting. Content publishing and syndication are integral parts of increasing Domain Authority along with the many other aspects of the Google Algorithm. We do what works for SEO in combination with other digital technology.

SEO - What Is

What is SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the ever-changing pursuit of the Google algorithm (criteria) to get a business on the natural (organic) non-paid real estate of a Google Search. Google is the dominant player in this business and what works for them usually works for the other search engines that get far less traffic.

The search criteria (algorithm) changes 500-600 times a year with over 150 major (named – panda - penguin, etc.) updates since 2010.
The two reasons for Google Algorithm Changes & Updates:

#1. A successful search is one in which the web browser clicks on one of the results. Google has to keep this percentage of successful searches as high as possible to keep people on their platform.

#2. However Google is an advertising website currently taking in more ad revenue than all the newspapers combined! Google needs to continually frustrate businesses in SEO so that they will buy Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising instead of or in addition to conducting an SEO campaign.

A Google advertiser gets access to more data, which helps his SEO and PPC campaigns. Amazingly, a Google AdWords advertiser appears to get better organic non-paid listings as well.