Why Now?

You’re Already Competing Online

Either you or your competitor is going to get the person searching for your service online, right now. Getting customers online happens fast. Losing them does, too.

The Time to Act is Now

Online Struggle

  • Strugglers are spending more for less leads.
  • They’re spending more time trying to fix the problem(s).
  • Each lost opportunity costs them a new client.
  • It also cost them their repeat revenue of the new client.
  • They also lost their referral.
  • They lose the ideal profit margin from new revenue without additional overhead.
  • Their website that converts less is actually converting their leads to become someone else’s client. That’s a triple whammy.
  • There are less maintenance contracts — less recurring revenue.

The loss from struggling online is not the wasted dollars lost in the marketing budget.

It is the lost revenue

That revenue is unrealized from the additional new, repeat, referral and maintenance clients.

Online Success

    • Our clients are are getting more leads for less cost per lead.
    • Their new sales replace natural attrition.
    • The new business revenue without additional overhead brings in more profit. That means a better profit margin and funds to absorb unexpected costs.
    • More new clients expands the base to grow their repeat and referral tree for recurring revenue.
    • Lead generation that works means our clients spend less time on marketing and more time on their business or more time with their family.
    • Our system that grows the Google star rating boosts client confidence for repeat and referral as well as new prospects. It gives existing clients more confidence to recommend you.
    • Our Best Seller Websites help convert repeat and referral even better because they are already predisposed to do business with you.
    • New installation clients are the most likely to convert into maintenance contracts.

Winning online increases cash flow, customer base and company equity.

Every point above represents a double whammy for our clients’ competitors who are lagging behind in some and usually many aspects of new media lead generation. Losing online is easier, more frustrating and much more expensive than winning.

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