Digital Marketing System

Digital Marketing - How

Why us … We get Results

Past Performance is a good indicator of Future Results.

Digital Marketing is always changing. As the industry matures, it is necessary to utilize the best combination of digital assets that are currently producing the best results for lead generation. This includes:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC – Pay-per-Click Google AdWords
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Google +
  • Reviews – 3rd party customer reviews (volume & quality score)
  • Directories – Listings in online Directories 
  • Consultation – Consultation for in-house marketers
  • Content Creation – Writing for customers, prospects and Google
  • Syndication – Syndicating content on client’s and other websites
  • Link Building – Building links for better SEO ranking
  • Retargeting – Returning web visitors is good for sales & SEO
Digital Marketing - Story Telling

Story Telling Works … Publishing

The Internet wants you to publish and syndicate your story about your business specifically and your industry in general. You are good at your business but you are probably not a publishing expert. Who better than a publisher like Washington Home & Garden to tell your story so people can take their best decision to work with you?

Digital Marketing - Syndication

Spreading the Word … Syndication

Getting your content on your website and on other websites where it will help you is called syndication. We do that so prospects will follow it to come to your website. We also do it for Google Search.

Digital Marketing - SEO and PPC

SEO & PPC … Search Engine Optimization & Pay-per-Click

We make sure your easily found online when and where prospective clients are searching for what you do. Then we make sure they can easily find what they need to know on your website to take the decision to contact you.

Digital Marketing - Results

First-Page Search Results

Past Performance is a good indicator of Future Results.